PROGRAM: Wage Subsidy

EMPLOYER: Creative Work Solutions

CASE MANAGER: Christopher Shea

I would like to tell you a little about my story on how and who helped me get where I am today.

It started back in 2018 when I just finished going to college to be a dental assistant. I couldn't find a job right away so I had to get on TANF to support my three children and myself. I did a face-to-face interview at the Gallup Office. The lady that did my interview was named Maria and she was wonderful and very nice. She asked me if I would like to do work experience here in the ISD office and I said yes. She walked me over to see the CDS for the TANF program and we signed the papers for me to start my work experience at the office. As I did my hours and was on time every day, Cindy Lozano the supervisor of the ISD office asked me if I would be interested in a wage sub program. Of course I said yes and signed the papers that would make me a full time wage sub at the ISD office. I was so excited to be here in the position I was in at the office, but it was only for a year so I had to find a permanent job. Thanks to my great mentor, Christopher Shea, he helped me create my resume and was always asking how I was doing as a wage sub. I got to see him twice a month to work on my resume and each time I would see him he would change my resume to be its best potential. He even helped me look for jobs in the area which led me to get a job as an admin at the Gallup office. So I think the wage sub is a great program and I wouldn't have the position I do now as an admin for the Creative Work Solutions program. Thank you again Chris for the encouragement and the positivity you gave me for all my interviews. Also thank you to the wage sub for having the program to give people like me an opportunity to become something for myself but also my children!

Thank you,

Rose Retana