The Wage Subsidy Program is a unique opportunity for our work-ready TANF participants to transition from unemployment to a full-time (40 hours a week) subsidized employment opportunity in a clerical position.

Job placements for New Mexico Works participants in this program are primarily with the Human Services Division (HSD) offices throughout the state.  Valuable job-readiness skills are learned during the application process along with mock interviews, training on how to dress for success, as well as Civil Rights and HIPAA  trainings.

Once hired into a Clerk position,  you will build interpersonal communication skills, phone etiquette, computer skills, and learn how to work as a part of an effective team.

Many applicants may have never worked in a professional setting, so it is important to note the life skills that are learned as well as the importance of meeting deadlines, how to provide excellent customer service, being punctual and staying on task.  


The great part of being a member of this program is the HSD staff and the Creative Work Solutions team will help train, mentor and provide guidance to help you be successful.   


Many Wage Subsidy participants take what they have learned and move on to higher paying  employment opportunities before their 12 months in the program are complete.


Gaining unsubsidized employment means a New Mexican family is working towards their self-sufficiency goal and ending their dependence on public assistance, which is the mission of NM Works.



Be a TANF participant in Good Standing: no current sanctions

Authorized to work in U.S.

Have not previously used 12 months of Wage Subsidy

Minimum of 8th grade eduction

Can pass background check

Remain eligible for Medicaid

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