Job Readiness Class is no longer available with CWS

Please contact your DWS or CWS case worker for alternatives

During this COVID-19 pandemic we want to offer the best resources for our participants during this time. Below you can find on-line courses and resources that will prepare you for our programs and still be job ready during this time. 

Free Courses

Courses in technology, math, language, marketing:

World class education in multiple topics including computing, science, economics and the arts:

How much money do you need to make to afford what you want? Career Solutions and exploration will help you:

Learn a new language or certify your English proficiency:


Planning, job readiness and job skills tutorials with YouTube videos:

Microsoft work for beginners:


Excel for beginners:

Occpational Safety and Health trainings and coursework:

Gain new or improve your keyboarding skills:

Managing money and credit can be challenging-- gain necessary financial literacy skills at your own pace and choose topics important to you and your family here:

On Your Own College or HS Classes

Ask you Career Development Specialist about ACCE!

Ask your Career Development Specialist about YDI!