Job Interview


Job Readiness courses are now only available through the Department of Workforce Solutions. Please use the link below to find out more about DWS offerings:

Sometimes participants may need help getting into the job market. The Job Readiness activity includes assistance with seeking or obtaining employment, including life skills training, participating in job search (where and how to find job openings, applying for jobs, and interviewing for positions), parenting classes, money management, short-term substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, or necessary rehabilitation activities.


Job search and job readiness assistance activities must be supervised by daily. This activity is limited to six weeks per year (or twelve weeks under specific circumstances), and no more than four weeks may be consecutive to count toward the work participation rates.

Job Readiness activities may include:

  • Employment Assessments

  • Work Readiness Assessments

  • Substance Abuse Assessment

  • Preparation to seek or obtain employment (including HSE testing preparation, or short-term basic skills courses)

  • Counseling for mental health or substance abuse


The participant timesheet must be turned in and reviewed as agreed to in the WPA, but no less often than weekly.

Participation in this activity is limited to two hundred forty (240) or three hundred sixty (360) hours within the preceding twelve (12) month period depending on the participant’s status; in which no more than four weeks can be consecutive.