Would you like a career that pays enough for you to support your family? Start with getting your High School Equivalency Certificate by attending an Accelerated College and Career Education (ACCE) class at a local office.


TANF participants can also earn their National Career Readiness Certificate, get the support needed to find and get started in a career path, learn how to use a computer, and so much more.


Every dream of going to college? The journey to higher education starts here.


Education and training are essential to long-term career development. The purpose of the Education Works Program (EWP) is to provide financial assistance where at least one parent is enrolled in a post-secondary, graduate or postgraduate institution.  A participant is eligible to receive EWP services or cash assistance if the participant demonstrates that he/she:

  • Has been accepted or has been determined to be eligible to enroll in a two (2) or four (4) year post-secondary or post-graduate degree program; and

  • The degree the participant will receive will increase the participant’s ability to engage in full-time employment.

  • A participant will not receive cash assistance funded by TANF during the period in which the participant is receiving cash assistance

  • A participant may participate in EWP for no more than twenty four (24) months, with the following exceptions:

    • A participant may participate in EWP for one additional academic term following the twenty four (24) month participation limit; or

    • For two additional academic terms following the twenty four (24) month participation limit at the discretion of HSD, if doing so will result in the participant earning a degree.


During the twenty four (24) months of participation in EWP, a participant will engage in at least twenty hours per week of class time or class time plus the following activities to attain twenty hours (20) of participation:

  • Studying (participation credit will be given for up to one and a half (1 ½) hours studying for every hour of class time);

  • Work (work-study, training-related practicum, internships, paid employment, volunteering or any other activity approved by HSD).