Matthew is a single father, who came to Creative Work Solutions, for a little extra help when his work hours were cut. When he met with his Career Developmental Specialist and completed his assessment, it was discovered that Matthew did not have a high school diploma. The case worker explained that CWS had program he could attend to be able to get his HSE.


Matthew was really excited and started attending classes to receive his HSE, while he was working part-time as well. He continued with the program and eventually he started receiving more hours at work but he continued his HSE classes through the ACCE program and in March, he earned his High School Equivalency!


He is our first ACCE Santa Fe Graduate and he is no longer on TANF. Matthew is now planning to attend college and get a degree; he is undecided but is leaning toward becoming an imaging tech. He just really wants to be able to support himself and his children! 


We know it takes a lot of dedication and time to complete the HSE program, still work and take care of children! He is setting an example for his children that you can accomplish whatever you want to in life, not matter what obstacles may be in the way! He wants to share his story so that others can see that it is possible, to accomplish anything you want, if you put your mind to it!


Congratulations on your accomplishment Matthew!